Friday, January 13, 2017

DIY Daytrip Seoul to Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort for only $53USD (Php 2,650)

If you're in Seoul and got an entire day to spare, why not try the winter tours that offers. Choose from various activities: Day Ski/Snowboard/Snow Sled/Ice Fish to your desired ski resort: Jisan, Bearstown, Elysian Gangchon, Vivaldi, Yong Pyong, Phoenix Park or Alpensia. They have cool reasonably priced tours but usually requires 2-3 days advance booking and meet-ups as early as 0700H or 0800H.

But what if it was just a spur of the moment idea? No previous bookings whatsoever? Then continue reading below on how to DIY a ski tour from seoul in your own pace and liking. 

Just an hour away from Seoul, Elysian Gangchon is the only ski resort reached via the ITX train in Korea. 

Take Subway Line 1: From Seoul Station --- Namyeong --- Yongsan. Fare is 1,250 krw. You can use your T-money. Travel time is approx 5 mins.

Find the ITX ticketing booth at Yongsan Station. Purchase roundtrip tickets to Baegyangri Station. Attendant will ask you to choose from the timetable. Fare is 5,800 krw one-way. T-money cannot be used on ITX train. Travel time is approx an hour.

Normally, ITX has 6 or 7 train cars, please make sure that you get on your reserved car and find the seat on your ticket.

Posted below is the timetable for your reference. ITX Cheongchun only stops at Baekyangri station during winter season ( Dec-Mar ) 4 times on weekdays, 8 times on Sat and 7 times a day on Sundays and Holidays. 

Took the 11:00 ITX from Yongsan and reached Baegyangri an hour later 12:01H

An attendant will usher you towards the exit of the Baegyangri Station and will tell you to wait for the free shuttle bus going to Elysian Gangchon.

Hop onto the shuttle bus. As a courtesy, greet the driver "Annyeonghaseyo", the most commnon greeting used in Korean and basically has the same meaning as "hello."

Kindness is like beautifies everything it covers

Paradise doesn't have to be tropical

Make your way to the cashier and line up for the rentals. Below are the timings and fees.

Since I am just a beginner, I dare not to rent ski lifts. These are for the intermediate and advanced ones who can go down from the high slopes. 

For beginners, what's important are: ski rentals 26,000 krw  ( includes boots, ski and poles) 

... Ski wear 18,000 krw (includes jacket and pants)

Optional: helmets, googles & gloves

For ski boots: One must know his korean shoe size

Locker rentals are available for 1,000 krw. There is a nearby coin machine if you do not have loose change. The above 53 USD budget includes a 6,000 krw meal at Lotteria. 

Should you want to eat at Lotteria or at the restaurant at the 2nd floor, one can just park his/her ski equipment at the designated areas. Trust me, nothing gets stolen or lost here. 

Tip: The cold weather easily drains your phone battery, bring your trusted powerbank. I managed to charge mine at Lotteria, bringing with me an adaptor. 

Snow skiing is not fun. It's life, fully lived, life lived in a blaze of reality.

It may not be as powdery snow as the ski resorts in Alpensia or YongPyong in Pyeongchang ( 3 hours away from Seoul) but it still is soo much fun! 

You don't need a hefty sum of money for beginner classes. Watch tutorials from Youtube. My ITX Train back to Yongsan departs at 18:23H and so I must bid goodbye now.... 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

BDJ Powerplanner 2017 and Other BDJ Paper Products

A sneak peak of the Belle De Jour 2017 PowerPlanner and other exciting BDJ paper products!

The BDJ 2017 Power Planner entitled "Trust Your Heart To Overcome The Waves", this is for the woman who aims to overcome challenges and conquer fears. ( Php598-Php680 )

Discover your reason for getting up in the morning - Ikigai -

  • Get Things Done with time management principle-based layout
  • Make The Year Exciting with challenges from the checklist, list of goals, dream boards and more

  • Stay Fit and Healthy with the health checklist and menstrual tracker pages
  • Monitor Your Income and Track Your Expenses with the bills and cash flow tracker pages

  • Over Php40,000 worth of coupons
  • 192 full-color smyth-sewn pages
  • Exclusive gray leather cover

  • Expandable back pocket
  • Stickers to mark special dates
  • 5.85 x 8,25 inches

Navigate through life with Navi 2017 ( Php598 )

  • Plot Out Your Schedule - Have monopoly of your week. Sketch, write and collect your experiences. Satisfy your curiosity and have them all documented so you can look back and realize how much life has to offer.

  • Clear Your Route - Keep track of the important things and plan out your ventures - places to go, things to try out, people to meet. Scribble away!

  • Explore The World - Learn not only about new places you can explore to, but also learn how to be a tourist in your own country - change your perspective and be surprised at the new things you can discover.

Maximize Your Focus Journal 2017 ( Php 450 )
  • Practice - Handle your thoughts with ease through suggestions presented through a witty play on typography each month. Apply these to your daily activities to cultivate a habit that will help you 

  • Express - Write your thoughts in the weekly layout designed to maximize each page's space to accommodate your own thoughts, schedules and notes.

  • Reflect-  on each month's suggested activities and typographies to figure out which practices work better for you

Reverse-Flip Desktop Calendar. A desk planner with a unique reverse-flip feature that will help your weekly plan, task, list and important notes in a glance.

Desk calendars are usually ubiquitous, big, bulky and mundane, but Viviamo!, Inc.’s latest Undated Calendar Pad is anything but boring! Pretty to look at, the Calendar Pad features tear-off sheets and an overall clean design with an inspiring message.

A new convenient tool from Viviamo!, Inc., the BDJ Daybook, and its 3 versions, Expense, Travel and Fitness, serve as handy reminders for users to log their expenses, travel checklists, and fitness plans on a daily basis.

You're in for a big surprise! Get all these and more at a whooping 20% off! Hurry for a limited time only.  Shop online HERE

Monday, October 17, 2016

BDJ Fair 2016: Rise Above The Waves; Launch of Belle De Jour Power Planner 2017

There's more to BDJ that meets the eye, this annual BDJ Fair is an event where funds are raised for various advocacies. This year, the recipient of the funds goes to:

Grace To Be Born, Inc. - a temporary shelter for the unwed pregnant mothers and an orphanage for children born there.

Magbassa kita Foundation - the LIPAD project of MKFI and USAID to empower non-literates in Muslim Communities.

Despite the gloomy weather, BDJ literally rise above the waves at the BDJ Powerplanner Launch held last Oct 16, 2016 at SM Mall of Asia, Music Hall.

Bellas came together to lear, experience, and have fun through various talks, booths, activities and creative workshops.

The much awaited launch of the next edition BDJ 2017 Power Planner and other BDJ paper products. Free onsite-customization was also offered.

Bellas with VIP Passes were treated to exclusive activities. Learn to ride the waves with this awesome Surf Rider!

Jump and fly with the Bungee Jump! Go on, stretch your hands and soar! Rise above and see the beauty of things on birds eye view. 

Tons of exciting booths to win exciting prizes! Think Mrs. Fields, Serenitea, Keds, Chef Tony's...

...Goldilocks, Browhaus Strip, Red Mango, Celeteque, Lynelle, Vedette, Ace Water Spa...

Check out this cutesy mini ball-pit from Jergens!

BDJ is made especially for the pinay fashionista achiever - the modern day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life and makes a difference in her community, while doing everything in great style.

Maxene Magalona shares how to overcome low self-esteem and highlight one's natural beauty.

Nanette Medved-Po looked absolutely stunning and divine in her pristine white dress. She's like an angel from above giving HOPE in a bottle. Kudos to her desire to uplift the status of public school education. A woman of substance. 

The BDJ Team is always on the lookout for ways to empower Filipinas to live life to the fullest. Empowering Filipinas for a decade, BDJ has evolved into a tight-knit community of planner users who love to interact and engage with each other. Currently, BDJ is 60,000-member strong.

Now on its 11th year, BDJ continues to make a difference in the lives of Filipinas by encouraging them to have an unshakeable trust in their hearts to overcome the waves of life and push themselves forwards - without fear and limitations.

Get the latest news and update from these official accounts:
Instagram: BDJBuzz