Friday, October 11, 2013

Juicing with Breville: The Juice Fountain Max

It's been a highly refreshing burst and explosion of colorful fruits and veggies on my instagram feeds lately. I have this humble advocate to inspire others to start juicing, make healthy smoothies and try the benefits of raw foodie. 

This is my version of Pineapple Mango Coconut Lime Pina Colada Juice. A tropical punch rich in vitamins A & C protects your eyes and skin from harmful substances causing infection. Such a wonderful liquid heaven, a sip instantly drifts you off to wonderland.

Drink coconut water everyday and watch you skin glow! The liquid, considered the purest one after water, hydrates the skin, making it more youthful and supple. Antioxidants and cytokinins have an age-defying effect on one's skin.

Luckily, I've passed by this amazing roadside Coconut stand in Silang Cavite, which sells them for just P12/piece. What's even nicer is that the lady seller even volunteered to skillfully crack open the coconut right in front of me! 

It has been my lifelong dream to visit Bukidnon's vast Pineapple plantation. But for now,  I guess I'd have to settle for Tagaytay's Mahogany Market to get my daily fruit and veggie produce.  These golden sweet pineapples costs P50/kg. 

This is my take on the incredibly refreshing WaterMelon Pineapple Lime Mint Cooler. It instantly cools and hydrates, plus it tastes so good!

Achieve that younger-looking skin with just 2 cups of watermelon daily! Research showed that watermelon cuts the risk of sun related skin damage by 40%.

Watermelons are one of the most refreshing, thirst quenching fruits available all year round.

Make a grandiose applause for the power duo!

Cooling Kiwi and Refreshing Cucumber Apple Juice. Kiwi's high vitamin C content along with other antioxidant compounds has been proven to boost the immune system. Try this fruit for a quick immunity fix.

Sunshine in a bottle: Orange, Pineapple and Romaine. Oranges are full of potassium, an electrolyte mineral responsible for helping the heart function well. Boost your heart's health!

A little tidbit of advice for successful juicing: Buy what is in season! Highly abundant produce means they are relatively cheaper and thus, saves you money.

(From left to right ) Green Apple, Carrot Celery Juice and Watermelon Pineapple.

It doesn't only look good, these juices tastes great!

Benefits of Pomelo: Promotes healing. healthy heart, prevents anemia, wards off colds and flu, flights cancer and aging, weight loss and aids digestion.

Should you opt to store your juice or infused water, best to use glass jars (a.k.a Mason Jars) The Quattro Stagioni brands can be purchased from local department stores like SM and Landmark. The famous Ball brand are available by bulk at Ace hardware and True value stores. You can also find multiple varieties and limited edition pieces from Instagram sellers. Would you like me to list down the sellers?

Enjoy the healthy, natural goodness of a fresh glass of carrot juice.

Take delight in some good old fashioned homemade lemonade

This amazing Pumpkin Coconut Juice loaded with vitamin a, beta-carotene, carotenoids and potassium was inspired by Drew Canole's recipe.

I'm currently hooked to this delicious Pumpkin juice! 

I am one proud owner of the Breville: The Juice Fountain Max. It is such a dream machine that lets me come home to fresh and nutritious juices. I've tossed my old juicer because juicing should be fun and NOT a tedious task. With Breville, juicing is a breeze! (oh, and cleaning too!)

For the past 2 months, I've stopped buying store bought juices. Why? It contains added sugars and hidden preservatives. Now, I'm reaping the rewards of precious health and glowing skin. Thanks to Breville!

Mine was purchased from the 2013 World Food Expo 2013. It retails for P9,300 and also available at The Landmark and True Value Store.

Breville in the Philippines is distributed by IAJ Wellness Corporation.