Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Bonne' Facial Foam 7 Day Skin Challenge

My love affair with A Bonne' Spa Milk Salt started during my college days. The powdered milk-like scrub from Thailand was selling like hotcakes! It comes in a cutesy winky girl cow with pink lips logo. Since then, I was like a walking endorser and would spread the news about its skin whitening properties.

A Bonne' had succeeded fabulously in launching its newest addition to its wide range of products infused with natural herbs and vitamins. To my luck, through Pinay on the loose' blog give-away, I was able to score a tube of the Miracle Spa Milk Facial Foam plus a Spa Yogurt Milk Cream Soap! ( How lucky can i get?) 

Abonne' Miracle Spa Milk Facial Foam + Lycopene is an innovative facial cleanser complete with nourishment. It is formulated with Lycopene to deep-clean facial skin and contains natural essences to give you lightened, clear and smooth skin with a healthy glow. It comes in an 80g tube.
  • Milk Protein - moisturizes skin, rendering it irresistibly soft, smooth and supple.
  • Nanowhite Glutathione -  reduces dark spots and slows down pigmentation; lightens skin tone naturally.
  • Kojic - prevents melanin formation, conditions skin so that freckles and dark spots gradually fade away, revealing clearer skin.
  • Tomato Extract - is rich with Lycopene, which fights free radicals, prevents wrinkles, keeping skin soft and smooth. 

To use, squeeze a small amount and work into a rich lather. Massage on wet face and rinse with water.

A bonne' Spa Yogurt Milk Cream Soap is a wonder product for a white, radiant and firm skin. It is enriched with Milk Protein, Yogurt and Co Q10. It perfectly cleanses skin surface and pore leaving a sensation of firm, smooth and flexible skin. Skin tone becomes lightened with a smooth and luminous look. 

To use: Clean and nourish your face and body by gently rubbing the soap covered with delicate foam, then rinse off. 

Aside from the extra enjoyable bath time experience (think milk + yogurt delight) here is the result of using Abonne' Miracle Spa Milk Facial Foam + Lycopene together with the A bonne' Spa Yogurt Milk Cream Soap straight for 7 days.

A number of photo enhancing apps are available in the market, but rest assured, these are genuine, no filter shots. Just naturally lightened, clear and smooth skin with a radiant glow.

Thank you 


  1. Wow sis.. you look even more beautiful! I am using A Bonne also but the spa salt one. I am going to buy this too. Excited to try. Sana gumanda din ako like you. Hahaha!

    1. Can't wait for you to try this sis! You are very pretty as well! Be prepared to beam with even more radiant skin :-) Askim will also love the soap as well for it smells like milk and yogurt :-)

  2. I use their liquid body soap and I love it too!

    1. Super agree sis! Bath time is always fun with abonne. Its like bathing in milk :-)

  3. I can't wait to try it, too! Your skin looks so refreshed after using the products for 7 days. :)

  4. Wow! Great effect dear! Good for you :)

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  5. Ohh looks amazing :)

  6. Love the highlighter shadow you place under your eyes lately -- very korean.

  7. oh my god... wow... your skin looks so glowing!!! Where can I get one of these? :P

  8. didn't know A bonne is such a good one! thanks for the reviews :)
    ♥ HerNameIsTrina ♥

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