Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Everland Resort: Korea's Disneyland

Spring announces its arrival in Korea! Temperature ranges from 5℃ to 20℃ and the return of warm weather brings cherry blossoms, apricot flowers, and cornus fruit trees to bloom all over the country.

Everland in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do Province is South Korea's largest theme park home to over 40 heart-pounding rides and attractions. See Everland bloom with 120 brilliantly colored tulips as it hosts this year's Tulip Festival. 

Oh it sure feels nice to be young again! (tee-hee) The park is divided into five zones, each has its own distinct themes. Go for Zoo-topia if you're up for a trip through the wild world of animals. Magic Land transports you to the land of imagination and all things 'abracadabra'. 

The American and European Adventure both offers thrilling, hair raising rides, exhilarating roller coasters and mind-blowing stimulations.

Global Fair is an international market of shopping outlets

Enjoy the adventures of Pororo and friends leaving on the Super Sled in 3D more vividly and experience lots of fun!

Sadly, majority of the rides were closed due to the occasional downpour of rain.  

But that shouldn't be a reason to frown! There's a lot to be thankful for. Being here at this exact moment is already a blessing.

Atleast some rides ( like the cable car ) were open despite the heavy rains

Wind was uber chilly and our hands were literally numb to touch (so this was how Elsa in the Disney Movie Frozen felt ) so we decided to keep warm inside the heated burger joint. We had the Cajun and Shrimp burger. 

Stroll along the theme park in one of these playful ribbon headbands

Beautifully detailed Korean dolls wearing traditional Korean clothing. Hanbok, as well as historical clothing from the Chosun and Shilla Dynasties.

We were a bit skeptical in shopping for Korean skincare and makeup inside the theme park thinking the prices might be too steep and overrated. But I tell you, prices are almost the same as buying them from the regular stores and even underground train shops. Includes lots of promo and sale items and they were even more generous in giving out samples and freebies. 

Nature Republic face masks on a buy 20 take 10 promo

Tubs of Nature Republic's Cooling Aloe Vera Gel selling like hotcakes! 

How to get here?

Mai and I braved the public transportation (despite the language barrier ) and took Bus 66 from Suwon Station. You can also board Bus 5002 from Gangnam Bus Station or Jamsil Station. The chance of getting lost is zero because you just have to alight at the last bus stop. We hopped to another shuttle bus ( for free! ) to get to the main entrance of the resort.

Piece of advice: Print this discount coupon to save 9,000 won per adult ( approx $9) You can also download this from the Everland Resort's website. 

And there's no better way to cap off the night than to enjoy an authentic Korean cuisine. A friend graciously treated us to Dakibong Restaurant to try Dak Galbi.

Dak galbi is a popular Korean dish generally made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in a gochujang (chili pepper paste) based sauce, and sliced cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, onions, perilla leaves, and tteok (rice cake) together on a hot plate. 

Thank you Marian for the sumptuous Dak Galbi dinner!