Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Best Budget Hotel in Tokyo Japan: Hotel 3000 Jyuraku in Asakusa

Was supposed to traverse the snowy Shirakawa-go in Nagoya, but due to heavy snowstorm forecast in the region, opted to divert the winter trip to Tokyo, Haneda instead. I had to pay my previous Nagoya Airbnb cancellation charges, so I cannot splurge on a Tokyo hotel accommodation anymore. 

After nights of researching budget hotel reviews, I chanced upon Hotel 3000 Jyuraku in Asakusa. I have high praises for this hotel! First, an airport limousine bus stop is just 3-5 minutes away. Second, it is easily accessible to everywhere in Central Tokyo within minutes on the Ginza subway line.

After arriving at Haneda International Passenger Terminal 2F, line up for the Visitor Information Center to buy a 72-hour Tokyo Subway Ticket. Price is JPY 1500. This includes unlimited ride to all Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines. 

Download the Tokyo Subway Navigation App on your phone for easy peasy directions without the need for wifi. posted below is the Tokyo Subway Map.

Buy a Keikyu Train Ticket direct from the airport to Asakusa Line A18/G19 ( JPY 620 ) No transfers. Fuss-free. However, this train is not included in the unlimited metro 72-hour pass. It may seem scary at first because unlike the Tokyo metro, this type of train doesn't have english lighted buttons on the overhead panels which tells you in which station you are. Just look at the signs at each subway station stop. Alight at Asakusa A18/G19 transfer to Ginza line 1 station away to Tamaramachi. 

Find exit 3. The hotel is a 5-7 minutes leisure walk. You will pass by Yoshinoya, Mr Donut, a Saray Kebab kiosk and a grocery mart will be on your left. When you see Denny's and 7-11 on your right, turn left to the alleyway. 

I originally booked for a triple room with ensuite bathroom. Price is approx P3,900/night. To our surprise, the hotel keeper generously upgraded us to a quad room with 4 bunk beds, giving us ample space to move around. Arigato gozaimasu! Wifi connection is superb. We had to turn off the aircon because it was a chilly 2-3 degree celcius scenario. 

We were given towels and slippers. An ensuite bath tub for calm, peaceful warm soaks. Best deal rather than sharing bathrooms in capsule hotels.

There is a shared lounge space and front desk available 24 hours. Surprisingly, there is free hot and cold beverage dispenser. There is laundromat and dryer for a minimal fee. There is a vendo machine and free use of bicycles.

Nearby on foot, is the famous Sensoji temple in Asakusa. Ladies clad in Kimonos are usual in the area since there are lots of rentals in the vicinity.

This special matcha soft serve ice cream is to die for!

I think I just died and went straight to green tea heaven upon entering this yummy Japanese Maccha Sweets store!

Another nearby attraction from the hotel, is Don Quixote! A 4- storey building of nothing but pure bliss! All the souvenirs you can think of! Snacks, chocolates, groceries, toiletries, makeup, skincare, mens clothing, cosplay costumes. kiddie stuffs, gadgets, electronics, bicycle stuffs and even high-end designer bags and watches. 

An aisle of Matcha goodies to with me back home!

We got hold of 4 boxes of  Nissin Seafood Cup Noodles. Each box contains 20pcs and costs JPY2500++ (roughly P1,250) or P63 each. What a steal!

Don Quixote is famous to tourists because they offer tax free shopping. Just proceed to 2nd floor cashier to avail this service. Bring your passport, of course. They will give your refunds in an instant!

Within the neighborhood is the sumptuous Yoshinoya for beef and salmon bowls as well as the tasty unagi meal. 

The equally delicious Tenya Tempura Tendon is also a walking distance. Have your fill of delicious Tempura. Prices starts at JPY500.

I couldn't have chosen a better hotel than this. We instantly fell in love with this very affordable hotel right smack at Asakusa with all the tourist attractions and almost everything else we could ever need. Staff's are sooo friendly and polite and would bow and bid us good day or good night every time we step in. Hope to come back soon. Will definitely recommend to friends!