Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bag of Beans Rice Toppings, Tagaytay

The logo alone reminds you of good hearty breakfast, desserts and coffee in a garden setting, a sort of Sonya's Garden homey ambience.

What if, you could enjoy both THIS lovely taal lake view with good food????

Welcome to BoB's 2nd branch! The same great old taste, now comes with a refreshing taal view and.. another surprise! Rice Toppings in the menu!

 Raisin Bread P105/loaf: Highly recommended for take-aways!

Steak and Mushroom Pie P110. Go ahead, dig in! slice it with a knife while its hot...

Spaghetti in meat sauce P275. Creamy, plus the garlic bread is generously garlicky with the perfect blend of butter and herbs.

 Rice Toppings: Sisig with egg P150. This is a huge bowl!

Rice Toppings: Lechon Kawali. Cooked just right, crunchy and soft. 

Coming from the Tagytay Rotonda, this is before Days Hotel, across 711. Do hit me back and let me know which branch you prefer. I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. my friends & i love this place too!!!

  2. What a lovely view over looking the lake and yes with wonderful food. Among all, I will want to try the rice dish and I think it looks like roasted pork.

  3. Yup! Its called Lechon Kawali. Its crispy pan fried roasted pork belly.

  4. The steak and mushroom pie looks so tempting.


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