Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mahogany Market in Tagaytay

These fresh fruits and veggies are definitely eye-candy! 

Not to miss when visiting Tagaytay is The Mahogany Market. A one stop shop for fresh fruits in season, healthy veggies, herbs in pots, flowering plants, the famous dried tawilis (saltwater sardine) and ofcourse, Batangas' homegrown beef.

Dried tawilis

Pineapples!!! Golden and sweet at P50/kg (haggled to P40)

Onions are pegged at P60/kg

 Ginger (Luya) is at P40/kg or 3kg for p100

Tomatoes P40/kg, Radish (Labanos) P35/kg

 Corn P50/kg or P100 for one pack

Mangosteen are steep at P160-180/kg! Eeeeeep!

Bananas P40-45/kg

Sirloin Beef (Laman) P210/kg, You can get the beef bones 

(buto2x) P150. Cook a delightful Hot Bulalo! (Beef Bone marrow Soup) Catch the freshest ingredients here. 

Directions: From Tagaytay Rotonda, drive straight to the road going to Batangas. Turn right when you see a Y-road with a Petron Gas Station. Mahogany Market is at the back of Hall of Justice Building. 

Note: Prices are updated as of posting date


  1. My eyes are having a feast looking at the photos! I want Jackfruit, Mangosteen, Banana,and, all!

    1. Yup sis! :) I had the same reaction. i couldnt resists taking pics.

  2. i love the pineapples from Tagaytay :D


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