Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Marcia Adams Tuscany Tagaytay

Let's take a peek inside the wooden door...

An expansive walkway greets you upon arrival with vibrant 
flower gardens and lush green landscape.

You'll find extra long dining tables, use of fine china wares, wine glasses, sunflower in vases, ceramics, elements of stone and clay and warm wooden accents.

All these and more, gives the place such rustic old-world charm!

Inside the restaurant, one will find warm and vibrant colors reminiscent of the rolling hills and sunshine of Tuscany. These are the colors found in Tuscan homes: terracotta, tomato or brick red, burnt orange, olive, turquoise, hunter green and cobalt blue. 

As well as metal home accents that are made of copper, bronze or iron. 

Very Impressive!

Now here comes the best part, 

Main Course price is for a 3-course meal and includes an Appetizer and a Dessert. A cover charge (consumable) of Php700 applies to each adult. 10% service charge will be added

 Amalfi Prawns. Crispy and succulent prawns marinated in salt, pepper, olive oil, parsley coated with bread crumbs and pan-fried

Galician Soup. Spanish broth with ham, kidney and fava beans, lettuce & potatoes
Main Course

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Fish Souvlaki. 'Catch of the day' ( Tanigue, Gindara, Marlin ) Marinated in olive Oil, lemon and Herbs. Php700.

Grilled Aromatic Pork. Massaged with aromatic spices and herbs. Moist, tender and very tasty. Php700.

Top:  Panna Cotta with Lemon Sauce
Fried Bananas with Choco Dip. Optional with Reduced Port Wine Dip.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Peachee,  Apple Ale. Php95.

Something new in the menu. Added November 16,2011. (Sorry! No picture available)
Italian Rabbit Casserole. Cooked in white wine, tomatoes, olives, fresh herbs.Php875.

French Rabbit Casserole. Cooked in light mustard sauce and thyme.Php875.

Located at J.P. Rizal St, Brgy Sikat, 4123 Alfonso, Philippines. 

Open Mon-Sun: 1130 am-9:00 pm. 

The restaurant is located on the border of Tagaytay and Alfonso - close to Residence Inn Zoo and only 150m from Aguinaldo Highway. 

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Mon-Fri by appointment. Please book weekends to ensure table availability. You may email Marcia or Neil Adams marciasresto@gmail.com or text for reservations 0917 801-1456. 

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