Thursday, February 23, 2012

Red Mango: Blueberries N' Cream Waffle

This is Red Mango Mall of Asia's Facade

Have your fill of  100% All Original Fro-yo. Add your desired toppings!

Original Froyo with Melon and Strawberry P85 (2 toppings P30)

My All-time favorite!! Be delighted with the yummy scent of heart shaped waffles drizzled with Blueberries, cream on the side, topped with Froyo! P125

P85 for just the waffle, alone

Can't get enough of Red Mango! Spread the love and share with your loved ones, family and friends!

How 'bout you? Whats your fave?


  1. I only tried red mango once. blueberries + waffle + froyo = heaven!:D

  2. Ah the ultimate red mango treat:
    Original + blueberries +almond slices + mochi balls

    Get it in family because you will sure be bitin otherwise :p

    Were the waffles juuust right? I mean, perfectly crunchy on the outside but uber soft in the inside?

    Much support, Christia
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    1. I will surely try that!!! Na curious ako sa Mochi Balls!

      Waffles were juuust right!!! :)


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