Friday, March 9, 2012

SOAK-ing in Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Davao Part I

A 15 minute cab ride from the Davao International Airport Brings you to the Pearl Farm Marina.

Regular Boat Transfers:
Davao Marina to Pearl Farm: 8:00 am, 1:30 pm, 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm
Pearl Farm to Davao Marina: 6:45 am, 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm 

(Tip: Take a note of this, or else pay a hefty sum of money for boat trips outside this schedule)

After a quick and scenic 30 mins boat ride, hands down to the amazing island that greeted me!
Samal Suite. These 6 executive suites are two-storey Muslim inspired cottages named and decorated according to the different Mindanao tribes (Tausug, Yakan, T'Boli, Bagobo, B'laan and Maguindanao)
Overlooking the Malipano Island. The secluded island houses 7 beautiful Malipano villas. A standby speedboat is available to transport the guests to the resto and other facilities at the resort.

A favorite activity is fish feeding by the Parola Bar

Samal House. These 19 superior rooms are built on stilts on the water. All rooms are air-conditioned. Each one has a balcony where you can see schools of tropical fishes. I booked this for my family of four. We had 2 adjoining rooms. Deciding between Asia Travel and Agoda, I chose the latter. A room costs P4,800 for 2 pax. Max occupancy is 3 guests, so I had to book another room to accommodate 4. 

An electric powered golf cart brings us to our Samal House. You can also walk, but most of the time, we availed the free service.

Rooms are uber spacious! Native ang peg.

The Maranao restaurant. It features delicious Filipino and Intl cuisine with fresh seafoods as specialty. Yummmmy!

See these?! 

Mouthwatering desserts! I went crazy over this strawberries and creme tarts.

Fresh seafoods galore! The fish in butter garlic is my favorite! (I forgot the name of the fish, though. tsk ) Oh, look! there's squid, too! The salad station is a feast with all imaginable toppings and condiments.

Happy Eaters!!!

Sumptuous lunch buffet price: P1,100 each pax. Quite expensive, but well worth it! Minsan lang naman.   

After lunch, lets have a tour of the place.

Mandaya House. These are deluxe bungalows situated among the billowing palm trees around the south-end of the resort.

Mandaya swimming pool (one of the 2 pools in the resort)

Other facilities/services:
-Game room: Board games, Billiards,Air Hockey
-Aqua Sports Center: Kayak, Jet-ski, Banana Boats, Snorkeling 


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