Thursday, April 19, 2012

Makansutra (Gluttons Bay) SG

What is Makansutra (Gluttons Bay) famous for? 

Well, it definitely serves the best Singaporean hawker fare under the open night sky, plus it provides you with the stunning view of the Marina Bay Skyline. ( Its like, hitting two birds in one stone, huh?!)

Tadaaa! This is the crowd on a typical wednesday night. 

This particular food stall had the most number of orders! 

Freshly cooked! Fast! Orders ready in just 3-5mins.

My love for Cereal Prawns began 2 years ago. Same place. And Sewan Seafood Cze Cha never fails me! This is superb!

The combination of prawns, oats, a bit of chili, and curry leaves fried to crispy perfection is incredible! The secret lies in the golden oats stir-fried in butter, egg yolk and milk powder. 
Arrgh!!! Simply divine. 

Price: SGD 20 ( serving size for 3 persons)

Were typical pinoys craving for carbs! This explains this huge dish of Seafood Fried Rice. SGD 12 (serves 4-5 persons)

We could have been more adventurous and tried Chai Tow kway (Fried Carrot Cake) or Char Kway Teow (Popular Fried Noodle dish) but at that precise moment, we were just longing for some familiar comfort food. You can never go wrong with fried chicken (tee-hee)

....And Mang Kikko's yummy grilled liempo SGD 9

There's a separate stall that sells only drinks. We had Calamansi with Plum SGD 1.90, Coke and Qoo White Grape Soda SGD 2.

Pic taken 2 years ago with a bunch of beautiful friends
April this year, with a beautiful couple

And I won't pass this opportunity for an OOTD post behind the majestic Marina Bay Sands.

8 Raffles Avenue, #01-15 Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802

Getting there:
Nearest MRT Station: Esplanade (CC3)

Operating Hours:
Daily, 6pm - 3am


  1. Makansutra, catchy name.

    Gusto ko yung prawns. Mukhang yummy.

    1. Really catchy! hihi :-)
      Cereal prawns are superb!

  2. What a great post :) I really like your outfit! The color red definitely suits you!


  3. Personally, I don't like the cereal prawns because the oats don't stick to the prawns. :D I always get confused with what to order if I'm in Makansutra.

    Btw, i think makan means eat and sutra is formula/lesson/guide. :)

  4. I am glad that you enjoyed so much fun and yummy food in SG <3

    Qoo's White Grape Drink was my favorite ^^
    So happy that you tried it too~

    I enjoyed Cereal Prawns as well :)

    1. i tried it bec of you :) you said it was ur favorite! :)


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