Monday, May 21, 2012

Promod Launch @ Bonifacio High Street

I was one of the 3 lucky winners of Promod x Scene Stealer Give-away. I had the chance to meet and shop with one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Lissa Kahayon.

Are you ready to experience Parisian shopping spree? 

Promod Philippines gives us yet another taste of French Chic Fashion as it opened its 10th branch last May 17, 2012.

This is the store facade at the Bonifacio High Street Central (a.k.a. BHS Central, soon to be known for its interactive water plaza) The extension of BHS, home of avant garde, trendy boutiques. It is located beside Ever New and just right across Jamba Juice. 

A top with an eye-catching poppy image in coral print paired with solid belted shorts leads the gorgeous Summer 2012 pieces on display.

Feel good fashion! You just have to agree that these medium mint and summer white pieces are simply refreshing!'s more in focus!

Fluorescent Dreams is up next!
Look at those gorgeous vivid neon colors in cool breezy fabrics. (Check out that bold motif vest top in vibrant colors and sequins on the upper right, super like!)

You'll surely turn heads with the Summer Rock Collection. Eccentric rock looks, sequins, bold zips, flashy lemon, white & black colors!

Oh, Hello there cutesy Poster girl print in lemon!

Let's not forget these Naturally Glitzy Collection. These are elegant haute couture inspired clothes in copper, dark ecru, natural light hues.

I absolutely adore these Scarf Prints Collection!

....especially this Hippie chic tunic in turquoise

You want more? Summer 2012 in yellow

...and orange colors!

These are such dainty flower pieces!

I love these Neo-romantic shorts in soft guipure fabric! 

Shoes are also on display! This is such a pretty vibrant blue translucent sandals

Or perhaps, fancy flesh and khaki?

A myriad of jewelries and accessories

Printed fabric scarves

Here's more scenes from the launch. A mini fashion show was held earlier to showcase their current collection.
 ( Missed this part! Was busy chatting with Diana of Style Grenade @ Jamba Juice. Tee-hee)


Sunflower vases and crackers as table-top design

Guests partook in yummy hors d' oeuvres courtesy of Bizu Patisserie. 

This salmon, white cheese and caviar is to die for! 
(Bizu I'm hooked!)

Little eggplant pomodoro in mozarella cheese topped with herbs

Macarons De Paris and Creme brulee

Prawn cakes

Overflowing cocktails

My prize?! A whooping 1500 GC! (Yey!)

Of all the fabulous clothes above, wondering what did I picked?

(CarmisCaprice wearing blue dress by Forever21)

Tadaaaa! My Poster Print Mini-Dress. 

Retails for Php 1695 ( Do the math, I only had to shell-out Php195 for this lovely dress!)
Lissa later on commented that it was a nice choice! 
Do you think so?

With my fellow winner, pretty and fashionable 
Diana of Style Grenade
Sis, It was really nice meeting you! We instantly clicked, 
chatted-away and I happily gained a new friend!
Her pick was a gorgeous piece from the summer rock collection.

Diana of Style Grenade and lovely and uber friendly Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer

With other fashion bloggers at the event:
Vern Encisco of A Shoe Tale

Thank you Promod and Lissa Kahayon. We had a blast!


  1. Congratulations!! The dresses and accessories look very fab!

    1. Thanks sis! Super nice collection! Visit their store :-)

  2. Congratulations!!! There are many wonderful things in that shop! Love the mint with white!

    Im follow you back!)

    1. Thank you! I have to agree! Mint + white spells a refreshing summer look!

      Thanks for dropping by :-)

  3. Wowww...congrats!!! That shop has so many beautiful things! The "neo-romantic shorts" are to die for!
    You have a lovely blog, maybe you want to follow each other, on GFC and bloglovin? I'll follow you back for sure :)

    Have a great week!


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico"

    1. Thank you! If not for the poster design dress, I would have picked the neo romantic shorts, too! Sweet summer look!

      Followed you on both GFC and bloglovin'
      Thanks for dropping by :-)

    2. Yep...I'm in love with those shorts :D
      Thank you sooo much!!! I’m following you back now on GFC and bloglovin (#5)
      We'll keep in touch<3


      "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico"

  4. thanks for your comment. you've got a lovely blog....i'm following you xxxx

  5. You're so pretty. Follow my blog and visit it please. thank you

    1. Just like you :-) thanks too! Followed you back via bloglovin'

  6. Promod has really pretty clothes! <3 Love what you're wearing btw!

  7. very pretty. :)


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