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The Face Shop: Son Dae Sik Flawless Make-up Show in Manila

Fans of The Face Shop eagerly flocked to Trinoma last August 17, 2012 bursting in excitement to catch the much awaited make-up show in collaboration with renowned Korean Celebrity Make-up Artist, Mr. Son Dae Sik

Yup! He's the man behind the gorgeous Kpop stars! And he's here in manila to share a revolutionary make-up collection: 
"Face it Lesson 01 Flawless Make-up"

The event was hosted by Ms. Marge Apacible, The Face Shop Philippines' Product Training Manager. She welcomed two TFS representatives, responsible for bringing the famous skincare and cosmetics line to our country.

 Model for the make-up show was no other than TFS Philippines' Top Girl Ms. Mona Luna. Here she is all giddy sharing her exciting experience as ambassador to the recently concluded Top Girl event held in Seoul, Korea last June 2012. She had an amazing opportunity to be with TFS Top Girls from 9 different countries!

Presenting, Mr. Son Dae Sik! 

Care to read his credentials? (Photo courtesy of TFS Facebook )
The make-up guru begins by creating a flawless face: 

Step 1. Moisturize skin. Eco-therapy Crystal water was used.

Step 2. Face it Flawless Fitting Foundation was applied using the Face it Circle Face Brush. This brush has a flat ("chopped-like") line that blends the foundation well for a seamless finish. Hides minor flaws and pores, too!

Step 3. Finish with a thin layer of Flawless Mineral Cover Powder. Weather in Korea is versatile, so foundation alone is enough. But for us here in the Philippines, summer weather is all year round, so it is a must! Use a brush in applying powder. It adds a healthy glow! Not dried-out skin.

Step 4. Create the perfect blush using Face it 1 Touch Blusher Kit. Use the blush brush, apply highlighter and blush at the same time. Use the highlighter to accentuate your features. When applied right, it brings the lifted, healthy glow. Shade is a mixture of peach and pink.

Now, for the fun part! Create the smoky look in just 5 easy steps! The Face it 4 Minute Smoky kit has everything you need to accentuate beautiful eyes. The trick is to start with the darker shade  before moving to lighter.

Step 5. Line the eyes with the smoky eye pencil. Draw thicker at the outer corner.

 Step 6. Apply the black eye shadow over the line in gradation method. Smudge the eyeliner to create a tone down smoky look.

Step 7. Apply khaki eye shadow up to midway of the lids.

Step 8. Apply the lightest peachy golden champagne color to soften the entire make-up and add a certain drama.Apply to front part and inner corner as well for an open-eye look.

Step 9. Apply with coats of Smoky Volume Mascara.

And lastly, after emphasizing the eyes, go light on the lips. 
Apply nude gloss.

Tadaaaaaa! Here's the lovely Mona after!  (Photo courtesy of TFS Facebook )

To end the show, 4 gorgeous ladies paraded on the aisle to showcase their make-up looks also done using the Flawless make-up Collection.

Here's the complete  Face it 01 Flawless Makeup Collection!
Head to the nearest Face Shop store nearest you!

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