Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jawili Falls, Kalibo Aklan

Experience nature at its finest by exploring the town of Tangalan, Aklan. Just a short 45 min ride from the Kalibo International Airport (or approx 30 km) brings you to the majestic Jawili Falls. It proudly features 7 levels of  fresh water basins, where one can take a cool and exhilarating dip. 

Entrance fee for locals is just a minimal amount of 5 pesos. Foreigners need to pay 20 pesos. These can just be considered as a donation to help the owners in the upkeep of the place. To maintain its cleanliness, littering and bringing of food and liquor is strictly prohibited. Penalty is set at 200 pesos.

The place is so pristine, I cannot help but gasp in awe! The falls is utterly enthralling. Makes one definitely commune with nature. Freshwater is incredibly cool and refreshing.

Just be cautious of the slippery sides of  the basin when you wade in the cool waters. While some parts are shallow, some parts can really be beyond 6 feet deep. 

When was the last time you were excited to climb a long flight of stairs? Be prepared for stunning view of Jawili falls from above.

There's the newly opened Mambo Bar and Restaurant for mouthwatering native pinoy specialties cooked the visayan way: Chicken Binakol, Tinola, Adobo, Nilaga.. and more! 

With the P5 videoke machine, friends sang to their hearts desire! 

Don't forget to drop by the famous Tangalan Church dedicated to St. John Nepomocene. It was built in 1889, making it one of the oldest churches in Aklan.


  1. I've been to a place near Kalibo and has falls too, I'm not so sure about the name, though. I've heard a lot of really nice things to do in Aklan, not just Boracay!

  2. Gyaaaah! These photos are really enticing! Yay! :)
    Love 'em dear! Pretty places!

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