Thursday, May 2, 2013

Girl Stuff Nail Polish

In my line of duty, it is a must to come to work with properly groomed and polished nails. Wearing sparkly deep shade of red 6 days straight had taken its toll on my healthy nails, leaving it dull and yellowish.

Good thing I came across GIRL STUFF Nail Polish at The Mall of Asia. One won't miss it for their kiosk is definitely eye-candy! Everything they sell just looks so pretty. Makes me feel like a little girl in a candy store.

The pleasant shopping experience starts with their very helpful and attentive staff. Ms. Joy introduced me to their brand. Girl Stuff Nail Polish is FREE from the the 3 harmful chemicals usually found in nail polish:

Girl Stuff Nail Polish is non-toxic and safe to use. It applies streak-free, dries quickly and does not cause yellowing of the nails due to formaldehyde.

Quality wise, all Girl Stuff Nail Polish is imported from France making it at par with other well-known brands like O.P.I, Orly and Sally Hansen minus the hefty price tag. It retails for just P99.75/bottle

Almost instantly, I fell in love with the gorgeous RED Collection. It comes in Dare, Defy, Flirt, Posh and Flaunt shades. P149.75/bottle.

Take your pick from the wide variety of extensive colors available from the Nail Bar.

Also available at Girl Stuff outlets are MAGNETIC and WASHABLE Nail Polish. 

WASHABLE Nail Polish (P99.75/bottle) applies and dries like regular nail polish but can be removed by simply washing and rubbing hands with soap and water. Colors: Pink, Fuschia Pink, Purple and Red. This is very ideal for kids! Particularly for meticulous moms who won't allow harmful nail polish removers to touch their kiddie nails. 

MAGNETIC Nail Polish applies and dries like regular nail polish but comes with a magnet which can create patterns on freshly applied polish. It comes in: Ice Queen, Pixie and Vixen shades.

 Directions: Apply nail polish on to fingers. Hold the magnet as close to your polished nails as possible without the magnet actually touching the nail. Wait for about 10 seconds. A pattern will then be created on your polished nail. Let dry. A colorless topcoat may be applied over the pattern. 

Here are the shades available: 
Basic: Colorless, Platine, Twilight. Nudes: Blush, Macchiato. Earth Tones: De Bronze, Chesnut, Metallic Gold, Sparkling Maroon. Pastels: Pinky, Plink, Jade, Lemon Rocks, Lav.Colors: Scarlet, Posh, Avo Loco, Blues, Going Green, Indigo, Lov Lav, Pretty Pink, Violet,Ivy. Sparkling: Sparkling Blue, Sparkling Lilac, Electric Blue, Orange, Lila, New Moon, Glittered. Top Coats: Glam, Glitter

Gift-giving is a breeze with these readily available gift bags!

Thank you Girl Stuff and Ms. Janina Tan!

Instagram: Girlstufforever

Girlstuff Kiosk Mall of Asia
Girlstuff Nail Polish Bar at SM North Edsa 2nd flr Main Bldg (Infront of Barrio Fiesta)
Girlstuff Nail Polish Bar Megamall, 2nd Floor Bldg A, Infront of Oxygen and Von Dutch (near Toby's and Cotton On)
SM Department Stores Children’s Accessories section
Rustan’s Department Store Children’s Accessories 


  1. Wow, there is a store like this in MOA? Nice!! :D

  2. Love their nail polish! Very affordable pa :) would probably get more colors next time :)

  3. I love the fact that this brand has a lot of shades available in one color. I haven't tried Girl Stuff before. I guess it is about time.

  4. Oh my... they have so many amazing shades!!!
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