Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 1: Coron Island Hopping and City Tour

Hello sunny skies! I wanted this birthday trip to be as easy peasy as possible, so I availed of the services of Calamian Islands Travel and Tours. 

After the meet and greet at the airport (with extra sweet welcome leis) we boarded an air conditioned van and headed off towards Coron Town proper. Travel time is approximately 45mins. To while away time, the courteous staff imparted some facts and history of the place while en route our destination.

We checked in at Coron Gateway Hotel and Suites, left our bags and like eager beavers, immediately headed off to start our island hopping adventure. At noon time, this boat greeted us at the docking area. 

Ate Che-Che, the lady boat guide had thoughtfully loaded our lunch. First stop, a 20 minute boat ride towards Banol Beach, a pristine white sand beach.

A perfect spot to have our lunch! We have 2 hours to enjoy our grilled fish, crabs, ensaladang talong, inihaw na baboy plus mangoes and bananas for dessert. We also indulged in ice-cold refreshments, with a choice of soft drinks or bottled water.

Other things to do at the island? swim, kayak, photo-shoot, relax and even managed to snooze a few Zzzzs siesta. 

CarmisCaprice wearing Soak Swimwear's La Palma Triple Ribbon Maillot

Afterwards is a 10 mins boat ride to Coral Gardens, a marine park where we could snorkel to our hearts desire to view colorful and diverse corals and fishes under water. ( Seeing Nemo, the clown fish was an added delight )

 Next stop, CYC Beach. Another white sand beach perfect for swimming and snorkeling. 

Highlight of today's island hopping was the trek to Kayangan Lake. A word of caution though, this isn't for the faint-hearted. Be prepared to climb 75 steps uphill. Good thing it was sunny, so we didn't encounter slippery rocks and trails. 

The trek was absolutely worth it when I got a glimpse of the famous and most photographed scenic Kayangan Lake from above. Majestic, indeed! 

Another 75 steps ( downhill this time ) and the cleanest freshwater Lake greets you. Summer is officially over, but tourists still abound. All wanted to explore this hidden paradise. I grabbed my snorkel gear and followed the tour guide as we explore some hidden rock formations on the other end.

Back at the boat, Ate Che-Che handed out puto for our snacks. ( Boy, all that swimming can really make you hungry, right? ) Thanks to the boat guide and the captain for a safe and fun ride!

We were back at the Coron Town at around 430pm. Since we still have time to spare, we decided to grab and try Bistro Coron's mouth-watering Pizza. They say this is the best pizza in town! 

Bistro Coron has established its reputation as one of the best places in Coron town for European Cuisines. 

When in Coron, the fun just never stops! At 5:15pm we were headed towards Maquinit Hot Spring. We were joined by a couple who was leaving for Manila the very next day, so they asked the driver if we could also include the Cashew Nut Factory in our itinerary. 

The night is young, and Maquinit Hot Spring awaits. At 6:15pm, we were treated to 38-40 degrees hotspring dip, experiencing its glorious therapeutic benefits to soothe our tired muscles away. I must say, this was the perfect way to end our Day 1 in Coron. 

Tonight's dinner? Room service please. 

Coron Gateway Hotel and Suites never fails to amaze us! It was even lovelier at night and the ohh so luxurious sheets promises only but the sweetest dreams. Goodnight Coron!


  1. Happy birthday, Carmi! I'm sure you had a blast in Coron!

    Btw, I tagged you in my latest post. I hope you could join. Thanks!

  2. I swear I will go to Coron one day. Haha. Lalo mo'kong pina-excite na mag-book ng Palawan uli sis. Anyway, Cebu muna uli this coming October. Maulan pa eh! :D

    1. Coron is really enchanting and captivating :-) Enjoy Cebu :-)

  3. Happy Birthday! sino kasama mo nagpunta?

  4. I miss Coron! nice pictures! great way to spend one's natal day! :)

  5. hi, anong klase ng package yung sa inyo and how much?


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