Monday, January 11, 2016

Ewha Womans University Shopping Street (EDAE)

Around Ewha Womans (not a typo error, read details HERE) University are clusters of shopping stores twisted around its many streets. Turn to each alleyway and be greeted by the trendy stores offering current season's top style picks.

Since the stores cater mostly to University students, expect prices to be really cheap and easy on the pocket. Although I swear by the massive Gangnam Express Bus Terminal Go-To Mall to be the cheapest shopping area in Seoul, EDAE has the cutest and stylish ones. It has a unique charm of its own.

How much is cheap? I'd say prices starts at 10,000 krw with some occasional finds at knock-off 5,000 krw. Myeongdong prices starts at 15,000-20,000.

It was Autumn and displays were mostly thick coats and trenches in preparation for the coming winter. Living in a tropical country where we rarely see these myriad of choices back home, everything was LOVE at first sight! (tee-hee) Makes me want to splurge for future travels abroad.   

Finding EDAE is a piece of cake. From wherever you are in Seoul, take the Green Line and alight at Ewha Womans University station. At the exit are tourist assistants stationed to help you figure out directions to a particular store or restaurant you may want to visit.

The cold autumn is almost synonymous to unpredictable rainy season. Everybody's ready with their see-through umbrellas. Thus explains the rainy day sale.

Everything's just sooo dainty and pretty!

Head on to EDAE to get that University look vibe!

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