Thursday, October 20, 2016

BDJ Powerplanner 2017 and Other BDJ Paper Products

A sneak peak of the Belle De Jour 2017 PowerPlanner and other exciting BDJ paper products!

The BDJ 2017 Power Planner entitled "Trust Your Heart To Overcome The Waves", this is for the woman who aims to overcome challenges and conquer fears. ( Php598-Php680 )

Discover your reason for getting up in the morning - Ikigai -

  • Get Things Done with time management principle-based layout
  • Make The Year Exciting with challenges from the checklist, list of goals, dream boards and more

  • Stay Fit and Healthy with the health checklist and menstrual tracker pages
  • Monitor Your Income and Track Your Expenses with the bills and cash flow tracker pages

  • Over Php40,000 worth of coupons
  • 192 full-color smyth-sewn pages
  • Exclusive gray leather cover

  • Expandable back pocket
  • Stickers to mark special dates
  • 5.85 x 8,25 inches

Navigate through life with Navi 2017 ( Php598 )

  • Plot Out Your Schedule - Have monopoly of your week. Sketch, write and collect your experiences. Satisfy your curiosity and have them all documented so you can look back and realize how much life has to offer.

  • Clear Your Route - Keep track of the important things and plan out your ventures - places to go, things to try out, people to meet. Scribble away!

  • Explore The World - Learn not only about new places you can explore to, but also learn how to be a tourist in your own country - change your perspective and be surprised at the new things you can discover.

Maximize Your Focus Journal 2017 ( Php 450 )
  • Practice - Handle your thoughts with ease through suggestions presented through a witty play on typography each month. Apply these to your daily activities to cultivate a habit that will help you 

  • Express - Write your thoughts in the weekly layout designed to maximize each page's space to accommodate your own thoughts, schedules and notes.

  • Reflect-  on each month's suggested activities and typographies to figure out which practices work better for you

Reverse-Flip Desktop Calendar. A desk planner with a unique reverse-flip feature that will help your weekly plan, task, list and important notes in a glance.

Desk calendars are usually ubiquitous, big, bulky and mundane, but Viviamo!, Inc.’s latest Undated Calendar Pad is anything but boring! Pretty to look at, the Calendar Pad features tear-off sheets and an overall clean design with an inspiring message.

A new convenient tool from Viviamo!, Inc., the BDJ Daybook, and its 3 versions, Expense, Travel and Fitness, serve as handy reminders for users to log their expenses, travel checklists, and fitness plans on a daily basis.

You're in for a big surprise! Get all these and more at a whooping 20% off! Hurry for a limited time only.  Shop online HERE


  1. Hello po! Good day! ;)
    I just want to say thank you so much for writing a small preview on BDJ's new planner na! <3 and stuff..

    So I'm just wondering.. since I can't really checkout the whole what's-inside of each planners and stuff on the website, maybe you can show more of the new BDJ's Daybook.. I'm curious as to how the I Got Cash and I Got Fit looks like in the inside.. ;3

    If you can.. ;) Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi sis!

      Please check-out my insta vid sneak peak of whats inside the bdj planners including the BDJ Daybooks

      Here's the link:

  2. Nice planners! I always have one inside my bag every year, but now, I am switching to google docs though it is still different to write things down. but well. things change.



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