Thursday, February 16, 2012

17th Philippine Hot Air Balloon

Happy Hearts Day Everyone!

February kicks off another successful year of A Weekend of Everything that Flies! The 17th Hot Air Balloon International Fiesta was held last Feb 9-12, 2012 @ Clark Omni Aviation.

I came on a friday. I was at the venue by 05:30am. Some observations: there was still ample parking space, lining up for the tickets was a breeze! It just took me approx 3mins.Weather was quite chilly! Brrr! Keeping my fingers crossed that weather will be favorable to let the balloons soar up high!

At 05:45am, 4x4s with propane tanks, baskets, envelopes (pouch for the balloons) started to assemble at the field. It was a 30 min preparation just in time for sunrise coming in at 06:18 am.

It was such a beautiful sight to behold! There were 20 regular + 6 special balloons. These babies are at the mercy of the wind, only controllable upon ascent or descent.

Here they are!

Last year's highlight and biggest surprise was the Darth Vader balloon. This year, the Birthday cake stole the scene!
It was for the birthday of Capt Joy Roa of Asian Air Safari, the founder of the festival. I'd like to think that the Sunflower (reminiscent of plants vs zombies) was another charmer!

That's me, goofing around! :)

It was a fiesta indeed! There were numerous food and souvenir booths for the thousands that flocked to the event.
Some fighter jets are on display, too!

With a big grin on my face, we left the Clark field. It was another fun-filled activity packed day. 

(Added souvenirs were dusty shoes and car from the event! Hehee! )


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  2. I missed this event again. :(
    BTW, Loved your VW X Melissa shoes!

    1. Ohhh, you've noticed?! I laveet sis! You've got such an eye for detail.

      Cheer up! next year awaits!


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