Friday, March 2, 2012

Bacolod: Merci's Napoleones

Napoleones is a layered pastry puff filled with custard cream and topped with sugar glaze.

These thin-sheets of pastry puffs are uber light and airy, crispy, pleasantly soft and chewy. A smooth and creamy custard filling greets u inside. Not to worry, no hint of overly sweetness! Just the right amount.

The sugar glaze on top compliments the creamy custard in between the pastry sheets.

The Sugar Capital is known for its Pastry Shops with mouth-watering goodies. Napoleones are Bacolod's Pride. It is Bacolod's version of the French pastry known as Mille-feuille (/mil-flow/) which translates to "thousand leaves)

A box of  Merci's contains 12 deliciously divine Napoleones. Price is P145/box, making it roughly P12 each.

Heading to Bacolod soon? You can catch Merci's HERE


  1. sa pictures palang naglalaway na ko, and then as you described , lalo na kong napapapakain. Have to eat that pag uwi ko pinas: Hi hi

  2. Highly recommended sis! kahit ako, I still get overly excited everytime I buy a box of this :)

  3. TIP:
    Present your itinerary ticket at any Merci Pasalubong Center and avail of the 10% discount on your Merci Pasalubong... c",)

  4. If there's only way to have this deliver in the US. :-( I can finish half dozen of these sweet treats in less than 12 hours. Lol!


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