Saturday, March 3, 2012

Loreal Absolut Repair

I've recently had a major booboo with my ash copper blonde hair color, so I had to tone it down. Gone to dark!!!

The hairdresser suggested this 2 items from Loreal to take care of my tresses. The
 loreal Abolut' Repair line.

Loreal Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo 250 ml P588

Loreal Absolut Repair Cellular Masque 200ml P925

A complete salon system to deeply repair chemically-damaged hair. The Neofibrine Technology with AHA-Lipid Guard reconstructs and deeply conditions with:
-Alpha Hydroxy Acids
-Bio-Mimetic Ceramide

-Shine Perfecting Agents
-UV Filter for Hair

Advanced technology for internal reconstruction & external strength. It works from the core to the surface to provide deep conditioning repair, complete renewal & intense shine for clients with chemically dama


  1. Are you wearing a white/ peach eyeliner on your waterline? It looks good. Anong brand? :P I've been looking for one.

    1. Hi sis! You've got such an eye for detail. hehe. Yup! I never fail to wear white eyeliner. It instantly brightens my tired eyes. Mine is just fashion 21 stick eyeliner in Pearl. Uber cheap! Costs less than P100.
      Another brand to try is NYX Jumbo eye pencil. Saw it yesterday sa bazaar! that's on my next to try list

  2. Hello! I was just browsing and checking out your blog.
    Awesome blog you have ;p and yea, you look gorgeous babe. Anyway,If you have time, please do check out my blog and Join my birthday giveaway :) Thanks a bunch!

    1. Welcome to my blog! :) thanks for visiting. Will follow you, too and join your giveaway as well. Happy birthday!


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