Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Countryside Tours would often, if not always, include Bohol Bee Farm on their itinerary. Preferably around afternoon, so that guests especially the kids, can chill around the farm, loft by The Cliff and have a taste of their famous Malunggay ice cream priced at P80.

100% All Organic. Healthy Buffet. 

From top to bottom: Camote Bread with Homemade Spreads, Squash Muffins, Organic Red Rice with Camote, Organic Garden Salad, Fresh Lemongrass Juice, Grilled Marlin, Honey Glazed Chicken, Baked Spareribs, Seafood Soup, Cab-Cab with Pesto and Green Tomato. (Not included in the picture are Seafood Lasagna and Homemade Ice cream)

Thumbs up for a sumptuous lunch!

Scared to eat these yellow and blue flowers?! 
Don't worry, the lady who served the food assured us that everything the bee eats, is edible to humans. Oh! Don't forget to add the honey mustard sauce.

Such delicious spreads! I bought mini bottles at The Buzzz Store which I could bring back home.

Price is at P550 (Prices might have changed since then. Best to contact them directly.)

This was served al fresco at Lantaw Restaurant. Be awed by the magnificent ambiance overlooking the sea.

What to do after eating?
Just a few steps below the restaurant brings you to 
The Cliff!

Sun-bathe and Lounge to your hearts' desire!

Enjoy the panoramic sea view through the spacious wooded platform.The beach is a combination of coral rocks and sand, ideal for swimming.

We decided to stay for the night. The place gives you a rustic, homey feeling and an interesting vibe of an environmental friendly organic farm life. 

Lets take a look at our room!

This is Beehive Suite #2.
- 1 Queen Size Bed and 1 Single Bed
- Air conditioned room
- Cable TV
- Hot/Cold Shower
- Refrigerator
- Good for 3 pax 

All rooms have fun and quirky names such as The Barn, The Colony, The Honey Comb Suites, Banana Room, Squash Room and the newly added Kinabuhing Bohol Rooms named after the  municipalities of Bohol

The Buzzz Shop to cater to your Bohol Native Goodies!

For in-house guests, you may also swim at The Cave. It was named such, because it is basically, a spacious area nestled on a cave. The Cave restaurant is nearby for some food and refreshments. Commune with nature in the middle of the farm with the banana plants and indigenous trees.  Best to swim late afternoon 'til evening or early morning. 

Fancy the spreads and dips on your dining experience at The Buzzz Cafe? Well, now is your chance to take them home! Be it simply for your own consumption or for friends and loved ones back home. The organic farm is proud of its 100% all natural products! No preservatives.

Have delicious home baked breads, squash muffins, pure honey, honey spread, bee pollen and a myriad of everything else
honey-ish (is there such a word?!) related...

Very satisfied guests!
Thank you Bohol Bee Farm!


  1. Great photos!
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    1. Surely! :)

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  2. Wasn't able to go the beach when we went to Bohol. Maybe next time. :)

    1. Hi sis! This beach at The Cliff is just inside Bee Farm. Very accessible.
      Visit it next time! :)

  3. what a lovely place and lovely people. nice seeing your family too!

    1. Thanks for the visit :)

      I followed you through GFC

  4. nice photos..looks like you had a great time...


    1. I did! Thanks for the visit!

      Followed you through GFC and Bloglovin' as well

  5. beautiful place and lovely blog!
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  6. Thanks for your lovely comment and for following!
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  7. malunggay ice cream is ♥!
    kelan kayo nagvisit? last month kasi anjan ako, hindi na refillable ang servings. (takaw lang) hehe

    1. Hi sis! Blast from the past. This was 2 or 3 years ago na yata?

      I've visited your blog, and was inggit! The seafood lasagna and home-made halo-halo with ice cream was unfortunately NOT available during my visit.

  8. Wow, I've never been to Bohol (ironic 'coz nasa Cebu lang ako) and now you make it sound so enticing I wanna visit the place na tuloy. Anong variety ng spreads nila?

    1. Hi! From Cebu ka pala sis! Gow nah! :)

      They have:

  9. we went there too last december and stayed in bohol bee farm! super enjoy :) the staff are nice too! i like their halo-halo (super yummy!!), malunggay ice cream, herb pasta, and baked ribs!

    sarap nung bread with the pesto spread na complimentary nila pino-provide. we bought pesto spread, honey and the nut pasalubong items pa to bring back to manila. :)

    1. You're sooo right! You just cant leave the place without bringing home those spreads and goodies to re-create the experience pagbalik manila! hihi :)

  10. Nice experience. I am intrigued with the flower salad. Hihi. I wanna try! :D

  11. Nice blog, I enjoyed reading it :D keep it up! thanks for following :)


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