Monday, May 14, 2012

“My ZALORA Wishlist”

Zalora made a beautiful stunning sound when it hit the Philippine shores this early first half of 2012. It aims to bring us a myriad of both well-known and emerging brands of Men/Women/Kids/ shoes, clothing, accessories, sports, home & living items. It promises ease, simplicity, fast home delivery and an amazing customer support experience. 

 I was a witness of how word about ZALORA PH spread quickly. They got their first order last Feb 29, and within 3 hours the buyer happily received her purchase.

 It then partnered with GROUPON giant Beeconomic for a 50% Summer Lovin' Deal. Pay only P999 for P2000 worth of items! ( It was a great bargain!) I was immediately enticed and was supposed to purchase one for myself, but it sold out immediately. My curiosity grew more!

Came March 12, Zalora came up with the style Buy Blogger Challenge! It featured fashion bloggers: Aisa Pac, Lexi Gancayco, Tracy Ayson, Alyssa Lapid, and Kaye Awatin (click on the links if you want to see what transpired during their visit at the Zalora headquarters, the Z-Loft to learn the ins and about of this budding new online store) I remember voting for Aisa Pac to win the challenge. It was then that I finally subscribed to receive Zalora's newsletters.

Instantly it became the talk-of the town! Huge brands added to their clientele. I Love Koi, Ray-Ban, Wacoal, Freeway, Ensemble, Crocs, Nike, Havaianas, XOXO, TOMS, VNC... the list goes on! Endless!

And just last May 9, Zalora once again created a buzz with its Grand Launch at the Skye Lounge. The event was attended by our country's fashion gurus, manila's elite, fashion bloggers alongside with its media partners.

I was able to score an invite through NuffnangPH. Thank you! It also paved the way for me to join this ongoing contest.

"My Zalora Wishlist"

Hi! Welcome to my Travel/Fashion blog CarmisCapriceI love travelling to beautiful places in beautiful clothes. 

Caprice simply refers to: Fancy. Whimsy. Impulse. Vagary. Humor. Eccentricity. Fickleness. Peculiarity. Notion.Quirk. Spleen. Ridiculousness. Gag. Fad. Contrariety. Jerk. Mood. Snap Decision.

I've spent countless nights viewing Zalora's website. It makes me feel like a giddy little girl in a candy store. That sudden rush of extremely excited feeling as if I just saw a rock star, a crush, a celebrity that makes one seem speechless or incompetent of acting normalOh! how I loved almost everything! 

Here goes my top 5 picks!

Since this also a travel blog, let me put a special twist to it!
 Alongside my Top 5 Beautiful Zalora Picks will be the Top 5 Beautiful Places on my to-go list before the year 2012 ends. It would be such a privilege (or yet, make it an honor!)  to wear these Zalora items on my travels! 

First on my list: Impressions Resorts World Manila. I will be celebrating my birthday a few days from now; June 6 to be exact. Hey, age is just a number and young is an attitude! (tee-hee) I want it to be as elegant, fancy and whimsical as possible. There's no other place I'd rather be! 

Photo courtesy of: Impressions RWM FaceBook

Here is the Elegant Look I came up with my 1st Zalora Pick: 
Zoo Sweetheart Cut Bodycon Dress UnderlaySculpt a sensational blush-pink in ZOO elegantly provocative bodycon dress. In contrasting lace and luxe satin, this high-octane piece is the last word in glamorous patywear. Take inspiration from the runway and style it with oversized earrings and a sleek clutch.

Price (including tax) Php 1,575 
Free shipping

2nd Destination: Radisson Blue Hotel in Cebu for our annual family get-away in June! Its so much fun to spend quality time with my loved ones. This hotel beside SM Cebu is just perfect and accessible to city sight-seeing. 

                                                                Photo courtesy of

Flower-on-flower prints are sooo trendy! 
This is the Trendy Look I came up with my 2nd Zalora Pick:

 XOXO Python Jacquard Hobo w/ Studs. Has a top zip closure which opens to a latte nylon interior with a back wall zip pocket. Silver studs line the edges of the faux leather fabric at the bottom half of the bag. 
Before Price: Php 3,499.95
Now: Php 3,149.96
Free shipping 

For my travel bffs special day come August, Misibis Bay in Legazpi here we come! Its the ultimate luxury playground. 
(Sooo caprice!)
Photo courtesy of Misibis Bay website

Here is the Blue Beach look I created with my 3rd Zalora Pick

I love Koi Virginia Beach Bandeau. All eyes on you! A summer staple in every fashionistas beach bag. The gold accents bring out any summer cover up. With this bikini you will be sure to create a spark in your summer love.

Before Price: Php 1,880
Now: Php 1,692
Free shipping

October spells F-U-N and Happiness! Welcome to the magical world of HK Disneyland. (Weee!)

Photo courtesy of Cory welsh

This is the Sweet Look I created for my 4th Zalora Pick:

Mel Ice II is a flats made from soft jelly type material that is translucent with prints and a strap that starts in front and ends at the side.

Price: Php 1,999
Free shipping

November is meant for detoxification before hitting the merry month of indulgent-binge-eating come December. 
The 5th Destination is The Farm at San Benito 

Photo courtesy of Lipa City Tourism

Here is the Go Green Look I created with my 5th Zalora Pick: (Neon is soo in!) 

 Zoo Crop Box Top with Ruffle Detail All Over. Green Crop box blouse with ruffle detail. 

Before price: Php 899
Now: Php 499
Free shipping

I diligently worked hard and placed a lot of creative thoughts in this blog post. I hope you've enjoyed reading! Zalora please please find it in your heart to pick my blog entry cause my travels will be sooo much beautiful with a generous help from you.
I'd love to hear your comments.



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    1. Will be glad to join you. Thanks for visiting!

  2. wow they got some nice stuff there, I want the shoes you picked out!!

    1. They do! I am fond of jelly shoes and those mel ice flats II are sooo cool and comfy! will be perfect for running around HK disney!

      Join the contest! make your wishlist, too :)

  3. impressions is simply elegant! It's a great pick! I have always heard about Zalora but ignored it but now you've mentioned it, I'm checking it out! lol. :D

    1. Cant wait to try Impressions! :) Im pretty sure you'll enjoy browsing stuffs at ZALORA. Make your wishlist, too! :)

  4. Hey very nice picks! Wow, I wish I also have talent in putting together good style! ;)

    1. Thanks Ruth! :-) Such an honor to receive a comment from you. It's actually my first time to try Polyvore.

      Btw, I always visit your site. Saw your Z wishlist and i love the Plueys boots you've picked! :-)


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