Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Superb by Supersale Bazaar

My flight's leaving in less than 4 hours, but I still managed to squeeze in some quick retail therapy at the Superb by SuperSale bazaar. Hey! I wouldn't miss it for the world! (tee-hee)

Previously, the venue was held at the World Trade Center (March 2012). You can read my previous blog post HEREPrior to that,  the Rockwell Tent had always been the home of this chic and trendy bazaar. Call me a perfect attendee! :)

Last May 23-27 (Yes, you heard it right! Its 5days!!!) the venue was at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia.

On top of my list was (of course!) to drop by the SOAK SWIMWEAR booth. I was in heightened excitement to see previous bestsellers, on-stock again! (yey!) You just don't know how those babies sold-out like hot cakes as soon as being posted online.

It was pure delight to see the Pleated Maillot still available in my size! (S) and on a gorgeous blue and gray color, too! 

This is how beautiful it looks like when worn! (I love that it also doubles as a corset top when worn with a skirt )
 I was supposed to get my hands on it right-away, when suddenly.......

..this beautiful red and white Belize Ruffled High Waist caught my undivided attention! It was pure love!!! 

Soak swimwear posted this on their FB Page last March 13 with the caption "Some things are just worth the wait... Coming Soon!" Since then, it had garnered 187 likes and everybody was patiently waiting for it. Ooops! including me!

Unfortunately, all odds against me! It was only available in size L.

Good thing, size S was still available in other colors! Yey!

You're mine! :-) The color combination is soo enchantingly unique and I super love it!

My first haul of the day. Costs Php 1750 

I also came across these trendy items from the lovely and ever sooo friendly Ms.Tati of Bubbles. She has a gift of creativity! Ideas never runs out! Check-out her colorful floral mullet skirts...

...studded and spiked shorty shorts,

as well as colorful bracelets, necklaces and earrings!

She has an ongoing POST Bazaar Sale (posted May 29)
Shorts and Mullet skirts as low as Php250
Get 4 necklaces for only Php500
Get 7 bracelets for only php500
Such a steal! 
Visit her Bubbles FB Page HERE
Here are my gorgeous picks: Rikke in White Php150

Brown lace detachable collar Php150
Ombre necklace in yellow P100

Was also able to snag 3 cutesy tops from different brands for as low as Php 350 each!

Galaxy prints sleeveless Php 350
Romantic pale pink lace top Php 350 
Teal and green sheer heart sleeveless top Php 350

Was also able to get my hands on these silicon babies! Got the rectangular pink wallet (rightmost) for just Php190.

Look! there's V by Vern and Verniece :)
 The booth was manned by pretty verniece. They were selling princess tutu skirts and palazzo pants in multiple prints.


After 2 hours, here are my haul! I wish I could have stayed longer, but I don't have enough time. And how I wished my Bffs were there. It's always fun to shop around with your girlfriends, right?


Were you able to attend the bazaar, too? I'd love to hear your purchases!


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  2. WOW!! Shopping galore!! :)


    P.S -I miss you! :P

    1. I love supersale bazaar! Hihi.

      Miss you,too! And cheers to your new blog banner! (yey!)

  3. I am going a bazaar the first weekend of June. Hope to find gorgeous pieces too. Yay, excited na'ko!

    1. Happy shopping Mrs Kolca ;) share us your gorgeous finds! And oh, thanks for the visit!

  4. Love the swimsuit that you chose!

    Win Villa del Conte chocolates here:

    1. Thank you!

      Will visit back and join your blog give-away! :)

      Excess: please join mine too! Link is at the upper right side-bar

  5. thank you sooo much Carmi for always dropping by and for blogging about Bubbles :)

    1. Hi! Thanks too Ms Tati :) Its my pleasure! Bubbles always add Ooomph to my plain outfits!

  6. wow, I love all items you picked!
    btw, have you joined my giveaways already? :) please do join if you haven't yet. Thanks!




    1. Thank you!

      Its always fun to visit your blog because of the relaxing music. Hihi :) I love your owl ring from Oasap and made me purchase a ring too!

      Excess: will join your give-aways :)

  7. Wow! You got to take photos pa of the cute stuff! :) Haven't been to any bazaar lately because was just too busy but I'm itching to shop!!


  8. The Swimsuit is so pretty :)

    Love all the goodies you got ^^


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