Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Antonio's Fine-Dining Tagaytay

It was a tough choice between Impressions RWM and Antonio's for my special birthday dinner. Choosing the latter, proved to be a good (errr, make it) great decision! Antonio's is my finest birthday fine-dining. It was everything I imagined it to be. Perfect setting, indeed! 

Following the directions from Antonio's website, we went past Bag of beans and saw the large radar antennas on the left side of the road. Turned right upon seeing the Antonio's signage and followed the directions en route. My eyes glistened in excitement while traversing the dark, narrow chilly streets of Tagaytay. 

I think my heart skipped a beat upon seeing this huge big black gate! This is it! We finally reached our destination. The guard politely asked our names to check if we have reservations. He ushered us inside the driveway, where a beautiful well-lit landscaped garden greeted us.

And what was it like inside? 

Steeping foot inside the stunning, huge big house was like stepping foot into a different era. It had an old world, nostalgic, mixed Spanish and Filipino architectural charm. 

Think high ceilings, chandeliers, black and white tiles, impressive pillars and scupltures, intricate paintings, premium furnitures and fixtures, gorgeous fine-dining china wares, tables were impeccably adorned with lovely bouquets as well as an intimate gas lamp to complete the fine-dining experience. 

Guests are also treated to a fine selection of wines. Trust the friendly waiters/servers for the best wine-pairing advice.

The place is one big elegant, huge ballroom!  This romantic, lovely place tucked in breezy chilly tagaytay is just the perfect wedding venue.

That's me in seventh heaven gasping how amazingly magical this wonderful place is!

The chef/owner "Mr Antonio" (Tony Boy Escalante) came to us for a quick chat. I guess we were taken aback by how friendly and down-to-earth he was, that I forgot to take a souvenir photo of him. Tsk!

 We overheard him earlier, thoughtfully asking the lovely couple beside us if they will still be driving back to manila. He mentioned how wonderful the weather was! It was drizzling, chilly and breezy!  

For starters, he highly recommends trying his salad with pan seared foie gras. (sounds exquisitely divine!) or opt for a complete experience: have a taste-of-everything with the set-menu.

Are you ready to dine with me? 

Complimentary crusty sesame roll and unsalted butter

Oven Roasted Cream of Tomato & Capsicum. This warm soup was the perfect accompaniment to the chilly weather of tagaytay. I've always been fond of tomatoes (not much on capsicums) but together, they make a stunning sound! hitting the right notes (none of which was overpowering) with the perfect creamy consistency. Garnished with fresh herbs for added flavor.

Antonio’s House Salad is fresh mesclun salad of bleu d’ auvergne crumble, glazed walnuts, dried currants, dried cranberries with raspberry vinaigrette. It was the richest and most flavorful salad I ever had. Alternate eating the greens with dried berries, cheese, and walnuts and savor each flavor. Having raspberry vinaigrette was something new to my tastebuds, and it was pure delight! 

Herbed Roasted Rack of Lamb in Cardamom Beurre Blanc with Antonio's Black and Green Olive Rice Pph1,800.  My picture doesn't give enough justice to how wonderful this dish was plated. This delicious roasted lamb infused with the goodness of herbs, white wine,and butter was supposed to be paired with Pumpkin Sage Risoni, I simply requested for it to be paired with the black and green olive rice for a more filing meal. Two-thumbs up for this!

Antonio's Trio: 
- Beef Fillet on Plancha with Black Pepper Sauce
- Honey Glazed Lamb Loin Gratinated with Goat Cheese
- Grilled Beef Fillet Gratinated with Wild Mushroom and Mashed Potato Php 1,900. This dish deserves to be tauted as one of Antonio's best sellers. I was instantly (no! make it immediately) hooked! What thrilled me most was the leftmost sample, Grilled Beef Fillet in mushroom sauce and mashed potato. It was sooo tender, moist and flavorful! Next time, I'd definitely order this as my main entree.

That's me with a priceless grin on my face

Dark Chocolate Souffle with Cardamom Creme Anglaise. Then came dessert, OMG! I was blown away by the enticing delish smell of this dark choco souffle! I could sniff this all night long and until now, the wonderful smell still lingers in my memory. 

Make a hole in the middle and make way for the warm cardamom creme anglaise! H-e-a-v-e-n-l-y!

Chocolate Mint Parfait. This was served frozen so as not to melt easily, but after a few minutes, go ahead dig-in! indulge in the glorious minty chocolate goodness.

Add ons: Carafe of strawberry and balsamic vinaigrette fruit shake Php600. I loved this till the last drop. It was even served in glasses with ice cubes of the juice itself! This is so as not to dilute the drink with water. How thoughtful!

Here's the mouthwatering menu to guide you. Go ahed and choose whatever your heart pleases! Total bill for the night was Php4,600 including service charge, vat and taxes. Was it worth it? An astounding YES! It was well worth every penny.

Special mention to the waiters/servers that night. All were very attentive! They quickly cater to our every whim and fancy. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.

The door to the right leads you to the washroom. ( surprise! its open-windowed! see for yourself)

Top: Mango Skirt: Forever21 Shoes: Reva  Necklace: Bubbles
Won't let this opportunity pass up for great outfit posts. 

The lighting and ambiance is incredibly amazing! Behind me is gorgeous Koi pond. 

I love this playful shot by open ballroom downstairs. It was a rainy weekday and the place was reserved for only a handful guests.  It was like having the big beautiful house/mansion turned restaurant all by myself. Weeeh! (thrilled much!)

Top: Mango Skirt: Forever21 Shoes: Reva  Necklace: Bubbles 

Definitely must-try! Visit Antonio's now!
Click HERE for maps & directions
Call/text for reservations 
            (046) 413-0975                  (046) 413-1054                  (0918) 899-2866      


  1. happy birthday! you look pretty and the place is marvelous.

    1. thanks sis! :) the place is superrrr b-e-a-u-t--f-u-l

  2. Happy birthday!:) Wow, I've heard so much about Antonio's! Seems like a nice place! :) I wrote about my recent trip to Baguio, too. :)

    1. thanks sis! :)really? will check out your baguio post! :)

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  5. Happy Birthday to you!!!
    Love the pictures!!

    1. thanks :) will drop by your blog,too!

  6. Happy Birthday to you! I like the ambiance of that place. =)

    1. thanks sis! the place is beyond words! romantic. enchanting. intimate. lahat na!

  7. Happy birthday! I hope I could visit Antonio's soon! :)

  8. Happy birthday! =)

    Pangarap ko pa rin to visit Antonio. I just can't find it kasi whenever we're there in Tagaytay. Hehehe! =D


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