Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SuperSale Bazaar, WTC July 13-15

Have you read my previous Supersale Bazaar posts? 
If not yet, see them here:

And today, you're in luck cause I'm bringing you the latest Supersale Bazaar which was held last July 13-15, 2012 at the World Trade Center. 

Working on weekends, I was really pressed for time but still managed to squeeze in 2 hours of  retail therapy from 7-9pm closing time last sat. How I wished I had the entire day to shop around!

Soak had a really craaaazy swimwear sale! 
Their booth was located right at the entrance (right side)
All Sale items: Buy 1 take 1 (gasp! omg!!!)
All Cover-ups: 50% off
All new & non-sale items: 20% off 

Take a closer look at these gorgeous New Arrivals! Cabo Feather Maillot, Pleated Bandeau, Los Playas V Bandeau ( My fave was the sexy red black & white polka design) Cabo Feather Triangle

Super Hot X, Soleil, and LaceTriangles Buy 1 Take 1! 

These accessories from Mia Casa are such attention grabbers at reasonable prices! 

Thank you pretty Joanna Ladrido for putting me on your guest list. 
Catch her blog: Only the Marvelous HERE

Glitterati is on Sale!
All Bikinis (2pc set) P700-P850
All Maillots (1pc) P1000

Trendy tops and skirts as low as P300! Pre-loved items at P50 (such a steal!)

This beaded detachable collar is lovely! 

 Colorful Tops galore at P400

More accessories!

Cutesy dresses from Two zero 20

Benefit cosmetics!! 
My eyes lit up when I saw these delicious eye-candy. But was turned off when I learned they were at P500 each. Really?! Knock-offs for sure! Wouldn't compromise my skin for fake make-ups! 
No way! (Although the seller claims it to be U.S. original, it was too good to be true!)

 Also joining the swimwear crazy sale bandwagon is I Love Koi!
For those who missed the bazaar,don't fret! They are also having an online sale! 

Ohhh! and I'm definitely taking this cute sheer sleeveless top home with me! P380. Catch The Dollhouse HERE

This dress with heart design at the back is to die for! P600 only! Available in peach and black. Was looking for this in yellow, though :(
Cocomo is also on sale!
Buy 1: P800
Buy 2: P1400
Buy 3: P1950

A sea of midrib tops and bustiers available at With Love Clothing

In a short span of 2 hours (soo bitin! the organizers were already on their countdown last-15-mins for shoppers. Bazaar closes at exactly 9pm) here are my haul.

Denim effect Midrib top P600 from With Love Clothing
Gold Detachable Collar Necklace P280 from Casa Mia
Sheer Sleeveless top P380 from The DollHouse

Were you able to visit the bazaar, too? 


  1. Nice haul you got there!


  2. love the clothes on the photos :)


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