Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mochi Sweets Japanese Luxury Sweets

Such a big craze in HK, Mochi Sweets Japanese luxury sweets is now in Manila!  

These frozen treats come in 17 luscious creamy fillings.
(Not shown below: Durian flavor)

That's Mango Mousse and Cream Chocolate

A Box of 6 costs P420
Box of 12 costs P840
P70 per piece
It comes in an elegant packaging, labels (so you don't get confused as to which flavors) and tiny plastic sporks (so you cam munch on it while still frozen) 
What flavors do you fancy?
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Or Visit them at SM Mall of Asia (beside ice-skating rink)


  1. Um, sorry ah. What is mochi sis? I wanna try? :)

  2. Wow those look delicious!! Thanks for visiting my blog! Following you too! :)

  3. hi sis! soo delish! we first tasted these mochis at pavilion kuala lumpur late last yer. i'm so glad nandito na sila sa phils...

  4. I got to try Mochi Sweets in the last UTT in Rockwell, but I didn't get to let the mochi thaw completely before eating it. Will make sure to check out their kiosk in MOA the next time I'm there :) Can't wait to try their Sakura flavor!

    The Purple Doll


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