Monday, October 1, 2012

Chef Laudico and Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief's Dinner Party @ Bistro Filipino

Last September 15, Chef Rolando laudico hosted a dinner party to celebrate freedom from tooth sensitivity.

It was an intimate dinner for approximately 90 guests. Friends of the chef as well as Colgate-Palmolive Philippines, members of the press, media, celebrities and bloggers indulged in a feast filled with Chef Laudico's HOT and COLD culinary creations without fear of tooth sensitivity.

It was my first time at Bistro Filipino and I was immediately stunned by the very enchanting restaturant.

Seat reserved for CarmisCaprice

The mouth-watering 5 Course Dinner Menu

APPETIZER COURSE: Lumpiang Ubod with Frozen Spicy Vinegar. This is Bistro Filipino's best selling pica-pica made out of smoked stag pork with ubod with spicy vinegar granite. 

Best enjoyed with "Pinakurat" Cagayan de Oro's famous vinegar.

SOUP COURSE:  Adobo Mushroom Cappucino. Bistro Filipino's signature soup with garlic cream foam and adobo mushroom sauce. It was yummy and incredibly new to my tastebuds! such a creative twist.

SALAD COURSE: 3 Kinds of Mango Salad with Dijon Bagoong Vinaigrette. Organic greens and veggies with bagoong dressing, ripe, green and dried (yes! you heard it right) mangoes and kasuy crusted kesong puti. I emptied this in a split-second!

MAIN COURSE:  Kitayama Wagyu Beef in Sampalok Glaze served with Taro Puff and Oven-roated tomatoes. Simpy put, its Sinigang! (tee-hee) Mt. Kita is located in Bukidnon, "Yama" means mountain in Japan. It is a cross breed of both local and Japanese Wagyu.

DESSERT: Banana Cue Tart Flambe' with Langka Ice Cream and Caramel Crunch. Truly a delicious pinoy dessert!

More celebrities. Nikki Gil. 
With the lovely and equally talented Pastry Chef and Chocolatier, Chef Jackie Laudico. Coincidentally, a girl was celebrating her birthday that night. 

Quoting Chef Lau, "The refreshing Patty Laurel!" She's beauty and brains all rolled into one. 
Mai with Carla Abellana
Lia Guerrero hosted the event. She's really eloquent and fun. 
With my fellow Nuffnang Bloggers Desiree  and Mommy Giay

A special plate signed by Chef Lau!

Plus a generous Loot bag from Colgate-Palmolive Sensitive Pro-Relief. Chef Jackie also surprised us with a box of her Chocolate Truffles and Pralines. We're hooked and we'll surely be coming for more! 

Thank you NuffnangPh! Chef Laudico
and Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

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