Wednesday, March 12, 2014

BDJ Belle De Jour Power Planner 2014

This 2014, the year of the Wood Horse is a time of fast victories, unexpected adventure and surprising romance. An excellent year for travel, the more far away and off beaten part, the better. Decisive actions, not procrastination, brings victory. 

But you have to act fast in a Horse year! In this year tends to be lots of activity and much on your plate. Not everything needs to be done at once, but it may seem that way. The key to success is to maintain your balance, sense of timing and awareness of what is in front of you. Many opportunities can come and go this year. You must be awake to catch them!

So how do you live your life to the fullest? There's the BDJ Belle De Jour Power Planner for your perusal.

What's Inside the BDJ Power Planner?
  • Dream Board - Knowing concretely what you want for yourself is one of the few steps to reach your goal.
  • Vacation Planner- Planning ahead of time is needed in order to have a successful vacation. Use this planner to organize the things you need to do before the dreamed get away.
  • Random Thoughts - Throughout the week, we encounter new ideas, websites, proposals, etc. This section is for these new discoveries that you may want to go back to when you're chilling out at home. Who knows this could be your next big thing?
  • Goals Page - With everything fast as lightning it's easy to lose track of what's most important to us. Remember that which matters the most should never give way to that which matters the least, Use these pages to keep focus and keep your life on track.
  • #ChooseToShine - List down your strategies on how you can conquer your fears and track your progress in 21 days.
  • 2014 Checklist- Here's a BDJ Team certified things to do this 2014 to help you discover new things about yourself, and of course guide you to have a blast.
  • Tapestry Pages- Take time to find ways to share your blessings with others. They have also included advocacy challenges you can do this year.

  • Gift List/ Tracker- For some, planning and categorizing what to give to whom help keep the budget manageable, after all what's important is not the value but the thought behind it.
  • Events Tracker- For birthdays, anniversaries, conferences, important deadlines and product sales. Just note them down at the start of the year- so you won't forget.
  • Bills and Cash Flow tracker - Know your monthly bills. Budget your hard earned money and keep track of your monthly expenses, shopping splurges included. A cash flow tracker helps you see in a page your savings, target savings, cash source or income and the main bulk of your expenses.
  • Health Plan- No amount of success or money can replace your health. Make sure you complete your annual check-ups
  • Menstrual tracker - BDJ Planner's most popular feature. Something to bring along when you visit the gyne.

Various monthly ( Freedom Page, Important Events, This Month's List of, My Good Habits)  and weekly ( My Masterpiece, Weekly Affirmations, Professional Priorities, Major Goals, Personal Errands, This Week I'm Grateful For, Personal Lists, Important Tasks) layout tools  included. 

The BDJ Lifestyle Card will serve as your membership card to gain access to all BDJ events throughout 2014. Plus, they have partnered with the coolest lifestyle brands to generously offer discounts and promotions that you can use multiple times to help live out your "it" girl lifestyle. Check out the 76 plus coupons inside the BDJ 2014 Planner!

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