Friday, March 14, 2014

Dubai Juice World, Al Rigga

I was slowly easing out of the master cleanse lemonade detox diet, so I had to drink several glasses of fresh orange juice throughout the day. The orange juice will prepare the digestive tract to be able to once again properly digest solid food.

This is where I spent my Valentine's night in Dubai. I had the most thoughtful girlfriends in the entire world, supportive of my detox. So we found ourselves smacked right at the middle of Al Rigga Street, near Al Rigga Station in search of the freshest orange juice ever!

Saudi's biggest juice chain is now in Dubai! Juice World is an intl group making more than 150 kinds of fresh juices, falaudas, fruit salads and fruit bouquets. A starting price of 8 AED for a small cup seems pretty affordable, right?

Before placing our orders at the counter, we just couldn't help but check out the eye-catching fruit cluster decors first. A salesperson limits the number of persons inside the mirrored wall room, so we had to queue and wait for our turn. Say hello to bunches of apples, avocados, pineapples, bananas, oranges and pomegranate in interesting shapes and structure. A cool new concept to attract more customers.

Happy hearts day! Just like the flowers in Dubai Miracle Garden, these fruit decors change season after season so that each repeat visitor will have a fresh experience. 

There goes the #selfie. Why not?

( With my gorgeous batchmates L-R KC, Rizi )

Friends. Fruit. Fun. 


  1. love the fruit decor! nice marketing strategy. are those real? sayang naman!

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