Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dog Cafe Myeongdong, Seoul Korea

Myeongdong is all about glitz and glam. Every nook, every corner, it sparkles and shines. Each cafe is interesting and as always a feast for the eyes! Got so extremely giddy upon seeing the cutest dog mascot handing out flyers on the cold chilly street.


With a tiny flyer on my hand, had 2 unsuccessful attempts in trying to locate this whole-in-the-wall canine wonderland. Finally gave up and ask the guy in the dog suit to kindly accompany the poor lost soul. 

Made a turn on the next alley and was instructed to climb the 4th floor. Tadaaa! And there I was! Standing right in the flesh. 

Entrance to the cafe costs 8,000 krw ( roughly $8 usd ) consumable with a drink of your choice. Nothing really special with the refreshments. Decided not to mentally convert the figures to my local currency, after all it is the quality fun cuddle time with the dogs I was after. 

The attendant handed out some doggy profiles with their names. She made some caution remarks about Gucci and Wany. Warned me not to come near the face because they might bark or worst, bite. Made a quick mental note. Scanned the room and saw Wany sleeping on a long chair. Gucci was seated on the floor. 

Not to be scared though. Dogs will always be dogs. Like any normal being, nobody wants to be startled while sleeping. Wishing you the sweetest dreams biggie fluffy whitey baby.

The sweetest dogs ever! They wanted to sit with people and just be a companion. Right smacked on the heated floor armed by a blankie, the poochies started sniffing here and there.

Surely feels good being able to pet, cuddle, interact and be surrounded entirely by dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities. Teehee!

If you've been to another Dog Cafe before I'd like to know your insights as well. If you'd like to recreate the same stuff here in the Manila then I have good news for you! Barkin' Blends has finally brought this exciting Dog Cafe concept here!  

At night, Myeongdong transforms into a street food heaven. For starters, try Ddalchi frozen strawberry with red bean paste and mochi.

Strawberry vanilla chocolate ice cream and waffle smothered with choco syrup and fruity bits, always a good idea!

Myeongdong is one of the busiest places in Seoul where thousands of shoppers crowd all the time. It is a representative shopping district quickly claiming the spotlight for fashion.

Spring cleaning! Winter OOTDs on Sale

Every Korean cosmetic brand has a branch in Myeongdong. The market is home to roughly a thousand cosmetic shops and hundreds of skin care stores. 

Disneyland ceased to be the happiest place on earth. Myeongdong it is! Proud of my buy 10 take 10 haul from The Face Shop and Collagen Moistfull series from Etude House.

A steamy pot of Spicy Gamjatang at Onedang was exactly what I needed after traversing the chilly streets of bustling Myeongdong. Ooops did I mention that it is open 24 hours? I could stay here all night long and unwind with a cuppa coffee or soju to end the hearty meal.

More of Myeongdong on my next succeeding post...

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