Monday, April 6, 2015

Love Locks @ Seoul N Tower

Always ideal to plan your out-of-the-country trips on dates that fall on a different season. Spring time in Korea equates to the beauty of Cherry blossom lined streets clad in your trenches and ugg boots minus the thick heat-tech winter layers.

OOTD: Myeongdong Trench /Stradivarius pants/ UGGS from Nampodong

From Myeongdong, one can opt to go N Seoul Tower via bus, cable car, seoul city tour bus or cab. Choosing the most convenient option, flagged a cab in front of my hotel and ask that I be brought to the Namsam Cable Car.

Note: Ride a regular taxi if you have the exact address of the place written in Korean. Else, for foreign tourists who cannot speak the language pick the international taxi ( the one in orange with Haechi, the Seoul mascot on the side of it ) Fare costs 3,000 krw from Myeongdong to cable car platform.

Some were braved enough to hike and climb from the base of the Namsam mountain uphill to the tower. In a -3 degrees weather, certainly NOT this time.

The 3 minute ride offers splendid views of the capital city. Admission is 8,500 krw round-trip. The cable car departs every after 10 mins or so. Passengers can wait by the snack bar, indulge in hot cuppa latte or simply marvel at the sights to while away time.

Best to go in the morning if you aim for a more tranquil tour. For bask-in-the-nighttime thrill, take the cable car late in the afternoon and come back down in the early evening to beat the night touristy rush.

Oooh to be young and in love! Always a beautiful feeling. 

A visual eye-candy! Love locks with different shapes and sizes affixed to the fences. Lovers pledge their undying commitment with the keys thrown away to ensure sweethearts' vow to never separate. ( Should you come unprepared a lock booth sells them for 10,000 krw each )

Instead of throwing away the keys, couples can leave 'em in the Postbox of Love. Part of the income from the collected keys are donated to needy children, now that's really spreading the love!

Aside from the fences, are the Heart Chairs and Trees. Scribble your messages of love on the chair itself. Expression of love doesn't cost a thing.

Seoul Tower observatory offers stunning views of Seoul and its surrounding areas. For the kids and kids-at-heart, a bear museum also exists. Guests are encouraged to try the famed N Grill western-style revolving restaurant. Rotation happens every 48 minutes. A chic way to dine in style. 

Back to Myeongdong for my afternoon appointment at the Seoul Cultural Center to try out the Hanbok Experience. Wearing the costume is free. All you need is to register ahead of time and to come back at the time specified. A grace period of 5 minutes is granted. Much respect for Koreans and how they value time and time management properly.

Hands down to Myeongdong Kyoja for the unforgettable handmade noodle dish and dumplings. With its 50 years expertise in the industry, they have produced absolutely the most scrumptious Kalguksu and Mandu at a mere 8,000 krw for each dish. 

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