Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's New at Italianni's SM Mall of Asia

Recently when Italianni's Restaurant SM Mall of Asia branch closed down (for a month or so) I was intrigue as to what new improvements The Bistro Group has in store for us. That's why I was thrilled when Ms. Mitzi Navarro, the brand's Marketing Director allowed me (+ one friend ) to join the Sneak Peak Dinner held last October 8, 2012.

Incredibly, the place had really spruced up! Now, there is ample space for over 120 guests. Such a great idea! I remember lining up at the entrance particularly during weekends just to be to be accommodated. And some people just don't have the patience to do so, they end up losing customers. Tsk. 

Cheers to more improvements! Here's another one: A Function Room was added! Ms. Meggy Fernandez, Asst. Brand Manager was pleased to announce that they can now comfortably seat 10-12 guests for an intimate power lunch meetings or for big families celebrating a special occasion.

It was really cozy inside, well lighted by a chandelier and had photo memorabilia's on the walls.

And the best part of it all? 30 new additions to the already mouth-watering menus! 

Four Seasons Salad Php595
Fresh romaine lettuce, tomato, tangy flavored feta cheese, smoked salmon stuffed with asparagus, onions, turnips, spring onions, and crispy bacon bits in an amazing ranch dressing sprinkled with parmesan cheese. An exciting burst of flavors awaits you in every bite!

Penne with Italian Sausage Php495
Penne sauteed with crispy pancetta with a savory addition of caramelized onions in creamy pesto sauce. A light meal that is simply impressive! 

Excerpt from the movie "Eat, Pray and Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert:

"I love my pizza so much, in fact, that I have come to believe in my delirium that my pizza might actually love me, in return. I am having a relationship with this pizza, almost an affair."

....this is exactly how I felt upon biting into these mouth-watering pizzas! 

Seafood Mango Pizza Php625

Assorted fresh seafood in pesto cream sauce, mozarella cheese with a surprising twist of sweet mangoes. I've tried mangoes on a chicken terriyaki pizza before, but this is my first to try it with seafoods! I like how the mangoes are evenly distributed as to give one's palate a fruity break. Very deliciously creative!

Angus Steak Pizza Php575
I think this is the crowd's ultimate favorite ( it was gone in seconds! tee-hee) Who wouldn't when you have minced angus beef, green bell pepper, caramelized onions in creamy mushroom sauce. Such a winner!

Seafood Cioppino Regular Php595
I'm instantly hooked to this fresh pasta in red wine and basil pesto sauce loaded with seafoods! Enjoy mussels, shrimps, calamari and clams minus the guilt cause this is just oh-so-healthy but incredibly tasty!

Crispy Pork Ribs Php425
Tender pork ribs infused with Italian spices deep-fried to perfection. It comes with garlic rice, seasonal veggies and spicy scallion dip. I'm a huge carnivore and this is one moist and flavorful ribs!

Seafood Risotto Php695
Till now, I just can't stop raving about this! This is one healthy dish I could eat everyday! (tee-hee) 
Ms. Meggy introduced me to try her favorite risotto dish and now I'm hooked. It has the perfect blend of soft. moist & flavorful salmon, shrimp and calamari sauteed in white wine simmered in seafood flavored arborio rice.

For refreshments, we had Green Tea and Dalandan juice.

Now here comes something for the sweet tooth: 

Tartufo Php450
A 3 layer chocolate cake with dark and white chocolate mousse covered with fudge frosting. I took amental note to mention that it has the right amount of sweetness. Truly La Dolce Vita! (A sweet life)

Red Velvet Cheesecake Php395
I have this fondness for red velvet cupcakes, so the more I fell in love with this dessert! I can still vividly recall the mouth-watering layers of cream cheese frosting, white chocolate cheesecake & moist red velvet cake with semi-sweet chocolate chips. 

Limon de Cielo Php225
Baked custard topped with caramel sauce and sugar coated lime zest. Light and refreshing with a subtle hint of citrus.
Trivia: Limoncello is Italy's most important liquor. It is made from the zest of Femminello St.Teresa lemons. Lemon zest are steeped in grain alcohol until the oil is released.

Panna Cotta Php295
The goodness of Vanilla custard served according to your heart's desire: choice of mango or blueberry sauce or honey with walnuts. This is more delicate and lighter on the palate than the above custard.

An evening with foodies in the Bigger & Better Italianni's  SM Mall of Asia.

( Photo courtesy of Ms Sumi Go )

 Mustard Top from Bugis,SG
Palm Tree printed shorts from ZARA
Shoes by Melissa Vivienne Westwood

Thank you to these gorgeous ladies behind the Italianni's brand.
Above is my BFF Mai with the lovely Ms. Meggy Fernandez (Asst. Brand Manager) and below is the equally stunning Ms. Mitzi Navarro (Marketing Director)

Give in to the lure and indulge in these new Italian dishes!

Italianni's Restaurant SM Mall of Asia
2/F SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall, South Wing,
Ocean Dr. Manila Bay Reclamation Area,
Pasay City
(02) 556-0549

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